Intelligent Distribution
Electrical Tools — Stair Master, Intelligent Terminal 
Electrical Tools- Stair Master

We are committed to developing new types of electric, intelligent, portable and reliable logistics handling tools that minimize operators' load and improve work efficiency.

The Stair Master has seen a wide range of applications for carrying heavy loads up and down stairs. It is simple and easy to operate and is portable.

Intelligent Terminal 1

"Three-dimensional garage" octahedral warehouse, intelligent storage. It can accommodate over 600 packages. Automatically scan the package volume, intelligently identify the warehouse's idle state, and dynamically and precisely match the package with the warehouse. Automatically adjust the size and position of the warehouse as per the package, so as to maximally utilize the space. Face recognition pickup to enhance the efficiency.

Intelligent Terminal 2

The top door is automatically opened to maximally utilize the space of parking apron, which is convenient for the UAV to land. Dedicated storage racks can hold 20 storage bins, each of which can be accessed individually. The underframe is welded by section steel to guarantee the overall strength. It can be provided with the charging module to facilitate the charging of UAV.

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