Constantly seeking innovation, with research and development at the heart of corporate growth
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    Scientific Research

    Our innovative R&D ecosystem comprises two tiers: the Technology Center and the R&D arm of our operations department. The primary role of the Technology Center are setting the direction for the company's technological development, researching and promoting cutting-edge technology, and providing technical support for the operations department. The R&D arm of the operations department is primarily responsible for project-related customization. This two-tiered R&D ecosystem ensures that our research and development are efficient and orderly, promoting innovation.Colibri's R&D model combines independent R&D and partnership with academic institutions.

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    Professional R&D Environment

    The introduction of the Solidworks R&D platform and IPD (Integrated Product Development) R & D management system have helped Colibri increase R&D efficiency and establish a highly effective R&D management ecosystem.Our Electronics, Mechanical, Optics and Reliability Labs are equipped with advanced instruments. In 2013, our R&D center was recognized as a "Shenzhen R&D Center of Precision Automation Testing Engineering and Technology", and in 2015 our labs were recognized as a "Shenzhen Smart Assembly Automation Key Technology and Engineering Laboratory". Our superior equipment helps us continue to meet the innovation needs of manufacturing, and maintain our technological edge.

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    Extensive Technological Reserves

    Colibri is committed to independent innovation, development core technologies with proprietary intellectual property. Over the years, the company has developed a solid foundation for independent R&D, and achieved considerable results in new product development and refitting new processes. We continue to develop our technological foundation with relevant technologies in machine vision and optics, precision sensor and testing, motion control and robotics, software technology and precision machine design.

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    Technology Application Capability

    We have a comprehensive new product design and development workflow, with multiple core technologies and strong technology application capability. We have capability in relevant technologies in machine vision and optics, precision sensor and testing, motion control and robotics, software technology and precision machine design, which have seen widespread use in fields such as Communication, Clean Energy, E-cigarette, HDD and Medical & Health. In recent years, the company has seen major progress in machine vision and graphical progressing, complex system motion control, and production information management system software. Technology and software developed by us are suitable for a wide range of automated assembly and testing production lines, increasing production efficiency.

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    Expert R&D Team

    Our expert R&D and applied technology team has extensive experience in testing and assembly. Our core technological personnel have more than 10 years of experience in industrial automation. The R&D team comprises experts in precision machines, electronics, software, automation control, optics, machine vision, etc., setting a solid foundation for our continued innovation.