Focus Fixation Machine
Application: FF camera module focusing, adhesive dispensing and curing all-in-one machine
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Internal turn table multi-stations, high UPH, high performance, hence high cost efficiencies.

Supports up to camera module 150°FOV

Quick focus system

Intelligent dispensing and curing system

Manual and automatic modes capable, quick switchable.

Flexible modular design, capable of product type and test type quick changing.

Function & Specification
Details Description
Function Camera focusing, lens adhesive dispensing and curing, image testing.
Test item Automatic focusing
Contaminations, optical center, etc
Adhesive dispensing & UV curing
Image resolution (clarity) retest
Core Assemblies High reliability designed product fixture
Custom designed test card and backlight panels
Focusing module (up to 150°FOV, force control)
High uniformity Blemish lighting panel
Adhesive dispensing & Curing module (365nm quick UV curing)
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