Square Bottle Filling
This production line is suitable for square bottle / single bottle reagent filling
  • UPM
    100 /min
  • Accuracy
    Repeatability ≤1%

ST01: Automatic Bottle Handling → ST02: Front and Back Adjustment → ST03: Vehicle Loading → ST04: Filling → ST05: Silicone Wafer → ST06: Bottle Mouth Hot Pressing → ST07: Hot Pressure Detection → ST08: Inkjet Coding → ST09: Unloading Output

UPM 100 /min
Products Square Bottle
Transfer Carrier, Linear conveyor
Filling 20 UP 50ml pipette
Accuracy Repeatability ≤1%
Seal Temp Mold Temp. - 150℃(±3℃)
Sealing Accuracy


Controls HMI + PLC
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