Precision Equipment Replication

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Leveraging on Colibri's strong engineering design and processing capabilities, and vertical manufacturing integration that ensures efficiency, low cost and high quality, OEM business can provide batch production services for customers. The goods are delivered on time in accordance with the quality and quantity requirements to increase the competitiveness of our customers.



Colibri has been providing apparel label OEM and ODM services for more than 10 years, including machines used for label cutting, Heat transfer and adhesion. Our professional design team can provide customized design using the latest precision motion control technology based on our customers' requirements.

We have a competent customer service team that strictly follows the product quality control procedures to ensure stable and effective solutions are provided. In addition, every product can be tracked after they have been shipped. Our customer service team can also provide quick response to customers with urgent maintenance needs.

Colibri can ship directly to any country in the world. This shortens the delivery time and help our customers win greater market share.

As of today, Colibri has been a batch production partner of a US customer for 12 years, providing services for over 50 product types.




The printer can print labels, images and text onto clothing, shoes, apparels and other textile materials accurately. The machine is suitable for hot transfer printing of packaging and individual labels.




Suitable for packaging of toys, tools, socks and other clothing.




Attach size label, price label, trademark and other labels onto the products. Fold and secure denim material before washing.

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