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Colibri’s robot has been built on a foundation of more than 10 years’ experience with robotics and automation system integration applications and 9 years’ cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology. These multiple reliability testings has enabled us to build high quality industrial robotics products. Not only do we have a standard type of high-precision robots but we have developed a new generation of robot, based on PC framework. This robot control system can be extended to more than 3 robots and up to 124 axles simultaneously and increase the number of I/O limitlessly. To do this, we have obtained a number of national patents certifications and core technologies in robot calibration, machine vision, self-calibration, and other key areas.   







Application Case


AR/VR Les Detection


Industry: AR/VR Smart Wearable Devices

Application: AR/VR Lens Delivery & Detection, Applied in International AR/VR Manufacturer

Composition: Colibri SCRB SCARA Robot + Colibri Visual System

Strength: Hoisting SCARA Robot is space-saving, self-calibration + Visual twice compensation to improve the accuracy of lens placing, fast testing of blemish and crack






Alfoil Delivery


Industry: Bottle Filling

Application: Alfoil Delivery, applied infilling machines of international manufacturers

Composition:Colibri SCRB SCARA Robot + Colibri Visual System

Strength: Hoisting SCARA Robot is space-saving and can identify the two sides of alfoil, edge detection, fast recognition of deflection and angle displacement to load the alfoil into the tooling






Electronic Package


Industry: Circuit board welding

Application: Electronic package, applied in the machine of well-known company

Composition:Colibri SCRB SCARA Robot + Colibri Visual System

Strength: Machine vision to recognize the electronic package, and matching the package’s position and recognize the position compensation data. The robot can load the electronic package into the position of Circuit board welding


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